Vision & Mission


In line with the standards set by Celal Bayar University, the vision of School of Foreign Languages for the long-term quality of education & training is to improve learners’ listening & understanding, speaking, writing and reading abilities in the acquired language; to present an efficient and qualified preparation programme; to annually carry out researches on teaching methods & techniques; to encourage the instructors to attend national and international conferences & workshops; to possess a broad perspective on behalf of both school and university.


The mission of our school is to equip students with the linguistic communication skills which are required by cultural and social life in order to comprehend, to understand things that are written & spoken in their fields of studies; to translate into Turkish what is comprehended & understood; to express themselves with speech & text. Our school aims to raise individuals who are aware of their responsibilities and roles in the society, and who can efficiently use this newly acquired foreign language to promote and carry forward when they set foot in their own departments.

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