A series of meetings were held at the School of Foreign Languages as the preparations for the accreditation visit were completed. The Director of the School, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mahmut Karğın held one of these meetings with the unit heads and the administrative staff to discuss the latest developments and the preparations that had been made so far.He pointed out the importance of being an accredited institution by giving  examples and emphasizing the advantages of being assured by Pearson. Assoc.

Prof. Dr. Karğın also mentioned the remarkable role of all the stakeholders in such an important process and he expressed his appreciation to all the stakeholders involved in the process. Lastly, further preparations and actions to be taken were discussed.

In another meeting, Instructor Mehmet Selim Çiftçi, the head of the Quality Commission, informed the administrative and the academic staff of the School of Foreign Languages about the Pearson Assured accreditation process.

After defining the concept of accreditation in detail, Inst. Çiftçi emphasized the importance of accreditation processes for the institutions with an international vision. He also mentioned the advantages of being assured by Pearson Assured by stating that the School will be listed in the assured schools list of ÖSYM, the foreign language education will be internationally recognized, and the overall quality of teaching will be improved and maintained.

During the informative meeting with the academic staff, Mehmet Selim Çiftçi summarized what have been done and changed since the beginning of the accreditation process. In the last part of the meeting, he elaborated on the issues and questions raised by the instructors.   



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